Fujifilm Fujifilm XT-1 (Body Only)

Fujifilm Fujifilm XT-1 (Body Only)Fujifilm Fujifilm XT-1 (Body Only)

The central theme of the X Series is simplicity and elegance.

The central theme of the X Series is simplicity and elegance; the camera is a precision instrument combined with functional beauty. This fusion has resulted in a new high-performance premium compact system camera, the X-T1, and like every model that's come before it, you'll find the joy of photography is hard-wired into its DNA, electrifying your instinct as a photographer, daring you to stretch your imagination and capture perfect images every time. The X-T1's newly developed electronic viewfinder is almost indistinguishable from an optical viewfinder thanks to its ultra fast display speed. Plus it features evolved SLR-style handling, mechanical dials, weather-resistance, excellent mobility and high-speed performance.


  • Awaken your senses as never before with the world's largest* and fastest** Multi Mode Viewfinder. With its high-resolution 2.36M-dot OLED display, and the world's highest magnification ratio of 0.77x*, the FUJIFILM. X-T1's Real Time Viewfinder allows a true connection to your subject and a purely immersive shooting experience. The viewfinder achieves a wide viewing angle of 31°, and with the display's lag time of just 0.005 seconds - less than a tenth of conventional cameras - you'll immediately see any changes to your composition, keeping you in touch with whatever you're shooting.
  • The viewfinder's newly designed Graphic User Interface provides a fresh shooting experience with clear detail and an at-a-glance view of your settings. "FULL" mode takes advantage of the high magnification ratio of the FUJIFILM X-T1's viewfinder to give an unrivalled view of the scene. "NORMAL" provides an optimum view, including shooting settings, and "DUAL" is specially designed for manual focusing with a clever split view. In the "NORMAL" and "FULL" modes, the view automatically rotates for a vertical orientation when the camera is held vertically.
  • Maximizing the power of the APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor. The FUJIFILM X-T1's large APS-C-sized 16MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor features an original colour filter array that minimizes moire and colour aberrations, and includes embedded phase detection pixels. The result is image quality that rivals a full-frame sensor.
  • 80 years of photo film research adds up to colour reproduction that's second to none. Over decades of film manufacturing, Fujifilm has perfected the skill of colour reproduction and it lives on in the FUJIFILM X-T1. Pleasing skin tones, natural blues and greens, and the ability to perfectly record the diversity of white balance conditions throughout the day are all taken in the camera's stride, plus it boasts wide dynamic range for better reproduction of detail.
  • Weather Resistant - dust-resistant, water-resistant and -10°C low-temperature operation. The weather resistant structure of the X-T1 is sealed in approximately 80 places and is both dust and water resistant. Additionally, it is designed to cope in temperatures as low as -10°C allowing field photography without the typical worries about the weather, season or general shooting environment.
  • Whether the power is on or off, analog dial operation connects your vision and the camera. The FUJIFILM X-T1 brings you back to the very essence of photography - the control of light - and it comes via the manual shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and metering dials. Including the drive dial, all five dials are intuitively arranged on the camera's top-plate and the use of double-deck dials simplifies operation and streamlines the elegant design.
  • * Market beating viewfinder magnification ratio. Approx. 0.77x magnification with a 50mm lens (35mm format equivalent) set to infinity and -1.0m-1. Fujifilm research as of January 2014 relating to the digital camera market. ** Fujifilm research as of January 2014. *** X-Trans is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.