Nikon SK-E900 External Multi-Flash Bracket

Nikon SK-E900 External Multi-Flash Bracket

Equipped with two synch flash terminals

The SK-E900 External Multi-Flash Bracket Unit is a metal bracket with a hot-shoe attachment that connects to a Nikon Coolpix with a built-in Sync Terminal (Coolpix 900, 950, 990, 995, 4500). A Nikon Speedlight is then attached to the standard hot-shoe. The Nikon camera attaches to the bracket with a threaded bolt into the camera's tripod socket. The bottom of the bracket is threaded so the entire assembly can be used on a tripod.


  • Equipped with two sync flash terminals for additional mult-flash effects
  • Add up to five additional speedlights
  • Camera meters the brightness of the subject and adjusts the output of the built-in and external flash automatically
  • When used with the Coolpix 4500 digital camera, the SK-E900 allows the use of off-camera flash

Compatible With:

  • Coolpix 900S
  • Coolpix 950
  • Coolpix 990
  • Coolpix 995
  • Coolpix 4500
  • SB-28DX
  • SB-50DX
  • SB-80DX